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Children with autism may also have a tough time reading faces and body language. Meanwhile, they have an extraordinary ability to think visually "in pictures." Many can turn that ability to good use in processing memories, recording images and visual information, and expressing ideas through drawing or other artistic media.
Art is a form of expression that requires little or no verbal interaction that can open doors to communication.


Art therapy is a popular approach to managing emotions, understanding inner worlds, and releasing tension for children and adults. Several studies have shown that art therapy appears to work well as a complementary treatment for autistic children.
PEAR PROJECT offers a program for individuals on the autism spectrum to build a wide range of skills in a manner which may be more comfortable (and thus more effective) than spoken language through art. Based on the cutting edge blockchain technology, PEAR PROJECT can help autistic children improve their skill and also can help investors to earn great money.


Create a blockchain gamefi platform where children on the autism spectrum can:
- Have fun with peers, family members.
- Develope innate artistic talent.
- Improving drawing skills.
- Imagine and thinking figuratively.
- Manage sensory issues.
- Have knowledge about blockchain and NFTs
Develop PEAR TOKEN as a financial benefit for both autistic children and investors


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